Middletown Ohio System Setup

   Integrated Network Systems proudly supports Middletown Ohio System Setup and Administration.

Purchasing a new computer and setting it up can be overwhelming considering all the cabling and software settings that need to be Middletown-Ohio-System-Setup-and-Administrationconfigured. Proper setup of a new computer is critical in order to ensure security, performance, and longevity of your new investment.

The  technical specialists at Integrated Network Systems cover every detail of implementing a new network or upgrading an existing infrastructure to support your Middletown Ohio system setup and business. Once all network elements have been installed and integrated, vulnerability and risk assessments are completed to guarantee functionality. We test the performance, quality and capability or your network to ensure reliable connectivity for a complete infrastructure solution.  Your network is an integral part of your Middletown business. That’s why we offer network and infrastructure solutions customized to improve business productivity. The dedicated team from Integrated Network Systems is available to assist you whether it is with strategic planning or tactical support.

What does System Setup and Administration include?

    • Set up and configure your desktop or laptop
    • Install the operating system
    • Install and configure your favorite software programs
    • Set up and configure your internet connection
    • Set up a wireless or traditional network in your home
    • Set up email accounts
    • Install your printer and other peripheral devices
    • Set up antivirus software, a firewall, and data backup systems to protect your valuable data and privacy
    • Show you how to synch other digital devices including PDAs, webcams, digital cameras, and microphones

Server setup and administration along with workstation setup and administration is our specialty. Our experience has lead to the commonsense premise that every client’s needs are unique.  As a result, every environment is customized and tailored to the specific company’s requirements.  All needs are evaluated for current and future conditions.

INS System Administrators can provide day-to-day service and support of your computing environment. Reliable and affordable IT management can only be accomplished by hiring certified technicians who have the proper knowledge, experience, and tools, to get the job done right the first time.

What is the difference between a Server and a Workstation?

A server is an application or device that performs service for connected clients as part of client server architecture. It can also be a computer system that has been designated for running a specific server application . A server can also serve applications to users on an intranet.

A workstation is a personal computer that is used for high end applications such as graphic design, video editing, CAD, 3-D design, or other CPU and RAM intensive programs. A workstation typically has a top of the line, fast processor, multiple hard drives, and a lot of RAM memory. A workstation may also have special audio, video, or processing cards for special editing work. A workstation is marketed by computer manufacturers to professional users, while the server is more of a utility device.

Both form part of the networking architecture and differ in their functions and use.

What is the history of Servers and Workstations?

History of workstations and servers

Workstations were originally derived from lower cost versions of minicomputers such as the VAX line, which in turn had been designed to offload smaller compute tasks from the very expensive mainframe computers of the time. They rapidly adopted 32-bit single-chip microprocessors Motorola 68000 series, which were much less expensive than the multi-chip processors prevalent in early minis. Later generation workstations used 32-bit and 64-bit RISC processors, which offered higher performance than the CISC processors used in personal computers.